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Essential Oils and First Aid - Mama's eSCENTials | Mama's eSCENTials

Essential Oils and First Aid

PinExt Essential Oils and First Aid

When a Kiss from Mom & a Bandaid

Need a Little Help!


One of the many hats we moms wear is "Nurse". Though most of us AREN'T actual nurses, we usually ARE the first line of defense when our kids get hurt.

Having 4 kids I can tell you that we go through our share of bandaids and "boo-boo" ice packs, but sometimes a kiss and a bandaid just aren't enough.

 A couple years ago my son walked into the kitchen to find my youngest trying to use a knife (BIG no-no!). While trying to stop her, he was injured. The tip of his finger was cut off. With a knife.

(Don't freak out, there's a happy ending!)

I was pregnant with our 4th child and didn't have time to freak out at the time. I had things to do. I had to find the missing piece, (don't they tell you to bring everything to the dr?) get an outfit on the 2 yr old and load everyone up in the car!

Wow! What 's a mom to do?

Well, first I prayed. For calm, and peace, and healing while I grabbed my first aid kit and called the doctors office to tell them we were coming.

Women & Mom's are amazing multi-taskers, you know. icon smile Essential Oils and First Aid

In the meantime: bring on the oils!

I was able to grab the essential oils I had in my first aid kit and apply them to my son within moments of his injury, I put *Young Living's frankincense and lavender essential oils right into the wound. I quickly wrapped the finger and continued to apply pressure, found the missing tip of his finger (gross!) and then gathered my kids and headed to the car so we could go get stiches.

The doctor (who had done several years in a trauma ER) was less than hopeful in his prognosis, basically  assuring me that my son would most likely end up with a disfigured finger.


pinky stiches before2 Essential Oils and First Aid

            My son's finger after we got home after recieving 6 stiches.


pinky after oils2 Essential Oils and First Aid

                               Less than 3 weeks after injury


My son had minimal pain during his healing as I continued to apply the oils 2-3 times a day.

And we shocked the doctor with the speed of his healing. Thank you God.

But what was in my first aid kit?

What would you have in yours?

Would you have it when you needed it?

I have some of my essential oils in a bag in my purse and a few in my diaper bag and a stash at home. After using oils for years I have learned the hard way NEVER EVER to leave home without them. I can't stress that enough. Life is unpredictable. Kids are REALLY unpredictable. And these amazing oils are very multi-purpose so I carry at least 1 with me everywhere.

They allow me to treat my kids quickly and get back to what we need to be doing… and as a busy mom, I need as much of that as possible!

Heres's another example of us using our oily first aid kit. While "out-and-about" my 16 month old found an ant pile in the grass and got a few bites…



But what oils do you need to have on hand in your first aid kit, which ones should you keep in your diaper bag? Well that depends on you and your kids.

Do you have a kid that gets car sick? Peppermint or di-gize should be in your bag.

A kid that plays sports? Ortho sport is great for sore muscles. As is peppermint.

Is it cold and flu season. Keep thieves, RC or Breath Again roll on in your purse.

Are you prepared for bug bites, sunburn, and skinned knees? (purification, lavender, melrose)


I would love to hear what you use in your home, please comment and tell me what your favorite oil is that you never leave home without!


Don't have any essential oils. don't delay, the Everyday oils kit is a great place to start!

 3695.jpg 413384375 Essential Oils and First Aid

Don't know what you can replace in your medicine cabinet? Here's a few that I use:

Here's a few essential oils and the over the counter medicines they may replace:




myself Essential Oils and First Aid Joanna is a busy mom of 4 and lover of Young Living Essential Oils. She studied Raindrop Massage from the Center for Aromatherapy and Research and Education and recently opened Shepherd's Cove Wellness Center in McKinney, Texas.

Follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mamasessentials


*I will only use Young Living Essential oils.

 As always: this page for educational purposes only. * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

PinExt Essential Oils and First Aid

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