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FEMA, Sandy, and Essential Oils - Mama's eSCENTials | Mama's eSCENTials

FEMA, Sandy, and Essential Oils

PinExt FEMA, Sandy, and Essential Oils

FEMA- More on being prepared


So I am trying to catch up on all the happenings in the last month and I will post my travel tips next, but since I have some great before & after pictures from my adventures with FEMA and hurricane Sandy I had to post about that first.


I originally went to the East Coast for a family wedding and packed and planned for that, but life has a way of throwing curveballs and I ended up being in New Jersey with FEMA for a couple weeks AFTER that. Sandy had hit and clean up had begun and I was able to find a small way to help.

Needless to say when you pack for a wedding, you don’t pack camping boots and survival items as a norm, but the packing list is forever changed because of my experience.

You could barely find gloves, thermals, ponchos, and other gear needed to be out in the elements for up to 12 hours a day and it was slim pickings when you did find things in the area that we were at and we weren’t even as close to the damage as some. Healthy items were far from available and there were not only gas rations, but mail had stopped in places. No mail. No new essential oil orders.


My heart broke for the people that had been affected by Super Storm Sandy and  were living in terrible conditions with nothing left that they owned. I would love to


I did manage to keep most of my travel oils and still left a stash with my kids before heading out to help I also have to say a special thanks to my son for lending this mama a few of his thermal tops. Sometimes having a growing boy in the family is a blessing in more than one way.   



Oils I used-

I was able to use oils like valor and lavender for several of the people I was working with. Stress and red tape were high and getting things done as quickly as possible was extremely important.


One girl went from smoking almost a pack of cigarettes a day to just 1-2 after just inhaling oils throughout the day. (pretty awesome)


I was also able to deter a nasty tummy bug by using di-gize and deep relief on my tummy and taking pro-biotics.

Ortho sport and deep relief came in handy for a pulled shoulder muscle for another man on our team, and breath again roll on and lavender was used by all to keep our sinus' open from all the dust and dirt blowing around creating irritable throats and mild coughs.

The biggest, most dramatic surprise was when we were getting adhesive off of tracking devices and had to use whatever tools we had on hand. While a couple people on our team rangled power tools, my friend and I were using knives. and multi-tools.

Well after a few hours of that, you can imagine what happened. One slip of a knife and 2 small wounds appeared.


First aid supplies were scarce (though truthfully we didn't look every hard) and we did manage to find a bandaid after the fact, but I thought for sure my friend would need a stitch. The one puncture had hit bone and was deep enough to give pause though not very large. (thankfully she was using a smaller multi-tool). It was concerning to the "mom" in me but my friend wasn't as concerned.

She allowed me to apply one drop of helichrysum and 1 drop of lavender. Within moments the bleeding stopped.


Here are the pictures of her injury.

stab wound 250x300 FEMA, Sandy, and Essential Oils


In LESS than 22 hours it looked like she had been healing for over a week! We were all really amazed.




And once again I am reminded that you can’t use what you don’t have so we must stay prepared and be vigilant. Have your essential oils with you all the time. You never know when OR who is going to need them.


What are your favorite oils for travel and emergencies?

PinExt FEMA, Sandy, and Essential Oils

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