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Fevers: Friend or Foe? - Mama's eSCENTials | Mama's eSCENTials

Fevers: Friend or Foe?

PinExt Fevers: Friend or Foe?

fever mom1 Fevers: Friend or Foe?

Fevers are one of the most powerful healing responses of the human body and a wonderful asset in fighting infections.

So why have we been taught to fear them? God put them in our bodies to fight off infection, illness and disease. And yet it seams we were all taught that a high fever can cause very scary damage to ourselves and our childre.. While perception is slowing being changed, a lot of use don't understand the purpose of fevers or their benefits. My kids don't get them very often but I am now in awe of them now instead of being in fear.

Repeat after me: "Fevers are our friend."

 Research now shows that lowering a fever too quickly or using anti-inflammatories can prolong illness for several days. No fun for our little ones and really no fun for us as parents/guardians either.

 This week my 18 month old spiked a high fever. The first night it got up to just over 102. I cuddled her and gave her a little lavender and monitored her. The next morning she acted fine. Very low grade fever if any. I observed her chewing on her pacifier, drooling more and putting her fingers in her mouth, etc.

Aha! Teething! We got her a chiropractic adjustment and continued to oil her. and kept her hydrated. I even dabbed a little diluted clove oil on her gums. She was clingy but acting fine. 

Night number two her fever got up to 103.8. gulp. okay. Well…. that is on the edge for me.

Time to bust out more of my awesome essential oils. Especially peppermint essential oil!

This stuff is amazing!

Here's what I did

(please, forgive the bedhead in the video! We do real life here! heehee.) 



Fever is usually the bodies response to a virus or illness in the body. A symptom of something else going on.

Here are some things you can do to help support the body while it fights that infection.

1. Don't react too quickly. Take a deep breath. If you are a praying parent, take another deep breath and pray over your child and yourself. Thank God that their body is working the way it should and that they are healing. Now take another deep breath and gather your essential oils.

2. Start gently. I like to use gentle essential oils like lavender first to give the body some time to work. Then I use some of the stronger ones like Thieves, peppermint, copiaiba, and others if I feel they are fighting off a bad virus or bacteria ,like the flu.

Oils along the spine (diluted if the child is young, new to essential oils, or the oil is "hot" feeling).  The nerves are clustered there and often virus and bacteria can lay dormant along the spine, so applying the oils there can help the body tremendously. People differ on dilution recommendations for kids. My 4 kids even differ on what oils they like diluted. Start small and then add more if you feel it is warranted. I think 2-3 drops along the spine tends to be a good amount for my kids. (a drop every couple inches for a total of 3-4 drops along the spine)

Oil the feet. If in doubt, place the oils on the feet. The skin there is less sensitive and the pores are 4 times larger so the oils will get into the system and support the body without irritating sweet baby's skin.

3. Monitor the fever. I can usually tell just by kissing the forehead (technical, right?) that I that need to monitor my kids for fever and possibly get out an actual thermometer. (a good grandmother's trick) Taking the tempature every 4-6 hours will give you an accurate record to take to your pediatrition should the need arise and help them determine a course of treatment if necessary.

4. Keep them hydrated.

Coconut water (fresh if possible) is great for rehydration and a natural electrolyte replacement.

An ounce of Ningxia Red in water is full of anti-oxidents and very anti-inflamatory. A power packed punch when you need something full of nutrition in a little package. (try it frozen for more fun and to help with the cooling and comforting of your child)

Even sipping on bone/chicken broths and green teas can help hydration.

5. Keep them cool. But not chilled. You don't want them shivering, but if you feel like you need to bring the fever down or your child is really uncomfortable try:

a lukewarm bath.

loose pajamas,

dipping a washcloth in tepid water and wiping the forhead, wrists, and back of neck

Ningxia Red popcicles:


1-2 ounces of Ningxia Red

8-10 ounces of organic, unfiltered apple juice or fresh fruit juice of your choice or coconut water.

1-2 drops of orange oil

mix well and place in small paper cups with a popcicle stick in each one or use a popcicle form found at most discount stores.

freeze for several hours. Serve when needed. And for fun all year long!


6. See your chiropractor. okay. I have to send a shout out to Brantley Chiropractic in McKinney, Texas for loving on my kids when they needed it, and to Dr. Mary Starr Carter who is a Chiropractor (and fellow oiler/blogger mommy over at http://www.thetotalwellnessdoc.com). And to most of the other chiropractors out there that don't get enough credit for helping people stay healthy!

A chiropractic adjustment won't 'heal' a fever, but it will aid the body, much like essential oils, in doing what God created it to do. It can relieve the stresses and pressures on the spinal system and let the entire body function more efficiently. By allowing the body to function as it as designed to do, chiropractic adjustments actually boost the immune system of young ones. There are even studies to support the fact that children who do receive regular chiropractic care have fewer colds, flu, and ear infections.

. See your doctor. I am NOT one. Yet. But YOU are your child's best health advocate.

If you feel led at any time, take your child to see a medical professional to evaluate the fever and see if it warrants additional treatment. Remember for babies and small infants they normally cannot tolerate high fevers for long periods of time (over 101). Also high fever after immunizations (if you do them) can be an adverse reaction so monitor other symptoms as well and see your doctor if your child acts too lethargic or you get that Mama's intuition/Holy Spirit feeling. Listen to it. That's beyond powerful.


   Have you ever used essential oils to comfort your children during a fever? I would love to hear about it!




myself (3)(1) Fevers: Friend or Foe?Joanna is a busy wife, mom of 4 small children and lover of Young Living Essential Oils. She studied Raindrop Massage from the Center for Aromatherapy and Research and Education and recently opened Shepherd's Cove Wellness Center in McKinney, Texas.

Follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mamasessentials


*I will only use and recommend Young Living Essential oils. As always: this page for educational purposes only. * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

PinExt Fevers: Friend or Foe?

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