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New Habits of Grace - Mama's eSCENTials | Mama's eSCENTials

New Habits of Grace

PinExt New Habits of Grace


New Habits of Grace


It’s crazy really. Can it really be January, again?  And 2013, no less.


I’m sitting in my house. And it’s quiet for the moment. That sweet time we mama’s love to enjoy when all is right in our little world.  

My husband and son have the fireplace going. 

The toddler is asleep. Her sweet eyelashes on her plump cheeks.

 My son and my other 2 daughters are breathing deeply just down the hall.

 A dog curled up on the sofa.

The smell of the fire and my favorite oils diffusing and the sound of my water getting hot on the stove for my tea are all tickling my senses  and I think:


“It can’t be JANUARY, already, can it?”

 My tree is still up!  

 I love it when the tree is the only light in the room.

I try to squeeze a few extra days out of it. We keep our tree up until January for a lot of reasons.

For me, it’s also about keeping that sense of wonder and the "CHRISTmas spirit" that should follow us all year round… visible for just a moment longer. That time…when we seem give to others of our time and love more than usual.  And see the good in everything. The time we we wait for the manger to be filled… the tree… that leads to the cross.


January is so busy and often means New Year’s Resolutions that by February have already been broken. We can sometimes be caught walking around feeling like we have just failed at something else by the middle of the month… if not by then end. 

 That negative voice in our heads can be loud sometimes.  I know.

It is known to drown out the still small voice of the One we need to listen to the most.


“TODAY YOU DIDN’T ________!”  or “WHY DID YOU EAT THAT?” or “YOU SHOULD HAVE______!”


 It’s okay, really. We’ve all been there. We joke about it every year, but it can be a tough place to be.

 A place we all struggle with.

 Whether it’s losing weight, getting healthy, making more money, working on relationships,  or writing more blog posts….(ahem) about my crazy little life.

 Thinking we can change years of habits in a space of a couple days can be overwhelming. And the sense of failure when we don’t automatically succeed can run deep. And then we remind ourselves. Daily.

 When we look at the scale. Eat that cookie. Are cranky with the kids. The spouse. The boss.


 So….I have a mission this year.

I’m not making “resolutions”. I AM making NEW commitments to myself. I am looking to create new habits and clearing myself of the weight of the old ones. And giving change to HIM. I am asking for God to breathe what He wants for me, OVER me. To lead me home…to Him. To KNOW…


 And so…

 I am choosing to find more joy in life. Even through tears. Even when I don’t FEEL like it.

 I am working on the little things.

 I am reading a chapter in Proverbs every day.

bible and tea New Habits of Grace


I am making lists. (daily lists, and even this years GOALS and DREAMS)

I am making more dates with my husband.

wedding pic New Habits of Grace

 I am watching my words.

 I am laughing with my kids more.



I am also learning self-grace.

To speak over myself the words that the Lord sings over me. To take time for ME.

 To take MORE time for GOD. So that I can give more to and love others.


So today…. I want to thank YOU.


For being a friend. For walking this journey called life with me. And for letting me share what I love.  That “thing” that God has called me to share. The gift of health with essential oils.


I pray life, health, and abundance over you. That 2013 will be your year of fulfilled promises.


Take a DEEP breath.


Give yourself some extra GRACE today.




Tomorrow is another day and it TOO, is filled with God’s mercies.


Make the baby steps with me and we will walk this path together.


With GOD…nothing is impossible.



Joanna is a busy wife, mama of 4 small children and lover of Young Living Essential Oils. She studied Raindrop Massage from the Center for Aromatherapy and Research and Education.

Follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mamasessentials



PinExt New Habits of Grace

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