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Lemon Oil-Unexpected Uses - Mama's eSCENTials | Mama's eSCENTials

Lemon Oil-Unexpected Uses

PinExt Lemon Oil Unexpected Uses


Several weeks ago my older daughters decided they wanted to paint their fingernails.

It’s a typical "girl" thing and they have a couple bottles of polish they are allowed to use with me.

Only problem was I wasn’t home. I don’t even remember who was on girl duty, Daddy or Grammy as I sit and write this.

When I got back I admired their work and told them they were supposed to wait for me to do fun stuff like that.

The next day I found dark pink/red sparkling fingernail polish on the inlaid wood tray my parents bought me when I was a kid and we were living overseas in Italy. The spot of polish on the tray was about the size of a dime. As hard as a rock.

I tried not to cry. I mean it’s just a “thing”, right? My children are way more precious and important. But at the same time it was pretty upsetting. I mean it’s not like I can just fly over to Italy for the day and get a new one to replace it. And now that my dad is gone I’m more sentimental over certain things. Things I would like to keep forever and one day pass on to my kids that tell parts of my journey. Things like my tray from Sorrento, Italy.

I told my girls that it was just an accident, and they appologized. I forgave them.

But in the back of my mind I was thinking there was no way I would EVER get that stuff off without ruining the beautiful tray with all of its intricate wooden pieces that fit snug against each other like an ornate puzzle. The clearcoat over the wood was my biggest concern. Of all the chemical things my mind ran through as “polish removers” all I could think was that they also had the power to strip the coating of the tray and ruin the "varnish"….or worse.

I was a little heartbroken.

I decided that the best thing to do was not to mess with it at all.

Step away from the situation, right? Don't think about it for a while and maybe a solution will come, right?.

Or even better: Maybe it will just go away. (which could be some of the worst words ever spoken.)


Well fast forward to today.

My older daughter and I were cleaning my bathroom and she was putting the things back on the tray and I thought, “let me try the lemon oil, maybe it will work”. I figured if it ruined it, as least I tried the least toxic option and the other stuff probably would have ruined it anyway so I really didn't have anything to lose.

I placed one drop on the glob of polish and started trying to pick it off.

Not even 10 seconds later it came off in one chunk. WOW!

I wiped off the rest of the lemon oil and then wiped the rest of the tray.

To say I was elated doesn’t even describe how happy I am.

Fingernail polish is gone, my tray is saved, and my bathroom even smells great.

My older daughter just squealed and said. "Young living is amazing!".


I have to agree. Yes, yes they are!

Now I just have to work on that "later" issue of mine!

lemon vs nail polish Lemon Oil Unexpected Uses


What’s your favorite way to use lemon oil? Have you found an unexpected use for an essential oil that you love? I would love to hear about it!



myself(2) Lemon Oil Unexpected UsesJoanna is a busy wife, mama of 4 small children and lover of Young Living Essential Oils. She studied Raindrop Massage from the Center for Aromatherapy and Research and Education.


*I will only use and recommend Young Living Essential oils. As always: this page for educational purposes only. * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


PinExt Lemon Oil Unexpected Uses

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